Dear CZCA Members:

Welcome to the second issue of the Association’’s newsletter. As indicated in issue #1, this quarterly newsletter is being produced on a trial basis for a period of one year. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide members with news about the Association and its activities. It will not, as a general rule, report on specific coastal zone management activities in Canada, since there are other newsletters that do this. The feedback to issue #1 was small but positive. Please continue to let the editor, Brian Nicholls, have your comments and views. And finally, please feel free to circulate the newsletter among your own networks.

The Officers and Directors of the Association are aware of the need to also issue a French version of the newsletter. Is there a member of the Association who would be willing to translate (from English to French) the text of the four quarterly issues (and to do this on a volunteer basis as is the case with most of the activities of the Association)?


Coastal Zone Canada 2002, the Associations fifth international conference of its biennial series, is now less than one month away. It is being held at the Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, Ontario on June 23 –– 28. If you haven’’t already done so, there is still time to register. For information on the event, which also goes under the title "Managing Shared Waters –– Towards Sustainable Transboundary Coastal Ecosystems", please go to the conference Web-site, which includes the registration form, hotel information and the conference program:


Among conference keynote speakers are:

- - The Honourable David Anderson, President, UNEP Governing Council, and Minister of Environment, Canada.

- - Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Chair, Counterpart Canada, and former Executive Director, UNEP

- - Margaret Catley-Carlson, Chair, Global Water Partnership.

- - Chua Thia-Eng, Regional Programme Director, Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA)

- - Andrew Benedek, Chairman and CEO, ZENON Environmental Inc.

Of particular interest to Association members will be the special CZCA session "Putting the Coast on the Agenda in Canada", to be held on Monday June 24, 4:00 –– 5:30 pm (room TBA). Larry Hildebrand, Past President of the Association and Manager, Sustainable Communities & Ecosystems Division, Environment Canada, Atlantic Region, will be the keynote speaker. His presentation will be based on the paper "Integrated Coastal Management ICM) –– Lessons Learned and the Challenges Ahead". This paper, which Larry has prepared as a background report for the conference, summarizes recommendations for integrated coastal management from the previous four CZCA conferences, as well as updating information presented in the CZCA reports "Baseline 2000" (pre-conference report for CZC 2000) and "Beyond 2000" (post-conference report for CZC 2000). The paper outlines previously established benchmarks for the field, and will help relate discussions on capacity needs to important practical issues, such as the impact of land-based activities, the role of communities, and the monitoring of the health of coastal ecosystems.


The Association’’s 2002 AGM will be held during CZC 2002, on Monday June 24, 5:30 pm –– 7:00pm at the Hamilton Convention Centre (room Albion ‘‘A’’). An invitation is extended to all conference participants to attend –– as a registered conference participant you have automatically become a member of the Association (and your fees for the next two-year period have been covered by part of your conference registration fee). Attend the AGM to see how the Association functions, and to help advance the field of coastal zone management in Canada and abroad. Also note that changes to the Association’’s by-laws are proposed that will create two new Vice-President positions (one in respect of communications within the Association, and one in respect of liaison with other coastal organizations). The meeting will include the election of officers and directors for the next two-year period.


The Association’’s biennial award, known as the "H.B. Nicholls Award for Coastal Zone Management Achievement", is presented at Coastal Zone Canada Conferences. The first award was made in 2000. Several nominations have been received for the 2002 award –– the winner will be announced at the conference and the award, consisting of a plaque containing the CZCA logo, will be presented by the President of the Association, Barry Jones.


Members of the CZCA are reminded that their membership in the Association lapses as of the date of each biennial conference. Membership dues of members attending the conference are automatically covered through their conference registration fee. Members who do not attend the CZCA Conference, and who wish to renew their membership in the Association, can do so by completing the Membership Application Form and returning it to the CZCA Secretariat, together with payment of the biennial dues of $20.00. Copies of the Membership Application Form can be obtained from the CZCA Secretariat (see address at the end of this newsletter); it is also planned to post the form on the CZCA Web site.


The new CZCA Web site is now up and running, although it is still in the process of development. Information on CZC 2002 and other material is being added, including information on the Association and its conference series. Eventually, all CZCA-related reports and event information will be found on this site. Go to:


The post-conference report of CZC 2000, "Beyond 2000", is now available on the University of New Brunswick at Saint John Web-site: . Another document pertaining to this conference, "Baseline 2000 Background Report", is available on the University of Mass. At Boston Web-site:


At its Council Meeting on October 29-31, 2001, IUCN welcomed the Coastal Zone Canada Association as its newest member.

By way of background, IUCN –– The World Conservation Union –– was founded in 1948 and brings together states, government agencies, NGOs, affiliates, and some 10,000 scientists and experts in a world-wide partnership. Its mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. Within the framework of global conventions, IUCN has helped many countries prepare and implement national conservation and biodiversity strategies.

IUCN’’s presence in Canada is manifested by its 36 Canadian members, individual expert volunteers working on IUCN’’s Commissions (e.g. The World Commission on Protected Areas, Species Survival Commission), the Canadian Committee for IUCN, and the IUCN Canada Office in Montrééal. This out-posted office of the Secretariat not only ensures smooth co-ordination of Canadian involvement in the work of IUCN but also is responsible for a number of global ecosystem management activities related to Temperate and Boreal Forests, the Arctic and Arid and Semi-Arid Lands, and the Marine Programme. The latter is going through a renaissance of sorts, and CZCA’’s membership in IUCN gives it a unique opportunity to influence the course of future programming.

For more information, visit the IUCN Canada website:


Michael Dunn, Vice-President (Pacific), reports that at the recent AGM of the British Columbia Chapter of CZCA it was regrettably decided to disband the chapter. There was unanimous agreement that the original objective of having a sustaining membership to allow the chapter to continue sponsoring and providing a focal point for coastal zone management in Pacific Canada was not viable at this time. With the vote to disband, it was resolved to create a legacy scholarship fund with the remaining assets for the purpose of supporting a student at Simon Fraser University who will be working on community based coastal zone management within British Columbia.





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