1 March 2002





MEMBERSHIP (according to CZCA By-laws)

  1. The subscribers to the Application for Incorporation under the Canada Corporations Act and such other persons as shall be admitted to membership in accordance to these by-laws, and none other, shall be members of the Society, and their names shall be registered in the Register of Members accordingly.
  2. For the purposes of registration, the number of members in the Society is unlimited.
  3. Every member of the Society shall be entitled to attend any meeting of the Society, to vote at any meeting of the Society and to hold any office.
  4. Membership in the Society shall not be transferable.
  5. The following shall be admitted to membership in the society: any individual of any nationality, aged eighteen (18) years or older, who upholds the objectives of the Society and contributes to the support of the Society through working towards its goals.
  6. No formal admission to membership shall be required and the entry in the Register of Members by the Secretary of the name and address of any organization or individual shall constitute an admission to membership in the Society.
  7. Membership in the Society shall cease upon the death of a member or if, by notice in writing to the Society, he/she resigns his/her membership, or if he/she ceases to qualify for membership in accordance with these by-laws.



  1. Individual 
  2. Corporate 
  3. Sustaining 
  4. Youth


Votes will be on an individual basis only, i.e. Corporate and Sustaining members will have one designated vote per membership. Members in the youth category will be ineligible to vote.



  1. Fee paid as part of biennial CZC registration ($20 for two years), or
  2. Annual membership from date of receipt of application ($10 per year)

Receipts will be provided.



  1. Support biennial CZC conference series
  2. Participate in CZCA AGMs
  3. Receipt of AGM minutes and copy of By-laws
  4. Access to CZCA website
  5. Promote further development of ICM
  6. Receive CZC conference documents (selected)
  7. Participate in the interactions with organizations that have formal links with CZCA
  8. Participate in the selection process of the CZCA Biennial Award for CZM Achievement
  9. Membership in regional/provincial chapters of the Association (where these exist)
  10. Networking with other CZCA members