Coastal Zone Canada Association Brochure


What is the Coastal Zone Canada Association?

The Coastal Zone Canada Association (CZCA) is a national association that focuses on the sustainable management and conservation of the coastal areas of Canada. It was formed in 1993 during the lead-up to the first Coastal Zone Canada Conference, Coastal Zone Canada (CZC) ‘94 held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Association members, from across Canada and around the globe, cover a diverse range of interests relating to the many facets of the coastal zone.

Why was the Coastal Zone Canada Association formed?

Canada is a country bordered by three oceans – Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic. It shares the largest area of freshwater in the world, the Great Lakes, with the United States. It has the world’s longest coastline and the second largest continental shelf. The Coastal Zone Canada Association was created to address the need for a Canadian-based forum to discuss and advance the field of coastal management.

How is the Coastal Zone Canada Association organized?

The Association comprises a national body with regional and provincial/territorial chapters. The Secretariat of the Association is located at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The CZCA has a Board of Directors which is responsible for the management of the activities of the Association. In addition to its President, the Association’s officers include the Past-President, the Secretary/Treasurer, four regional Vice-presidents representing the Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific and Great Lakes regions of Canada, and two Vice-presidents responsible for Liaison and Communications respectively.

What does the Coastal Zone Canada Association do?

The Coastal Zone Canada Association provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning the sustainable use and development of the coastal zone of Canada and elsewhere. This is typically done through the biennial international Coastal Zone Canada Conference series. The first conference in the series (CZC ‘94) was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1994. This was followed by CZC ‘96 in Rimouski, Québec; CZC ‘98 in Victoria, British Columbia; and CZC ‘2000 in Saint John, New Brunswick. CZC 2002 will be held in Hamilton, Ontario and the 2004 Conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

In holding Coastal Zone Canada Conferences and other events, particular attention is paid to:


  1. building on issues and themes developed at previous CZC Conferences and other events;
  2. convening a broad cross-section of participants from many countries, sectors, cultures and interests;
  3. examining real-life applications of coastal and ocean management;
  4. exploring management approaches that have proven successful;
  5. highlighting Canadian practices, and making recommendations for the Canadian coastal agenda;
  6. producing products or tools for coastal practitioners that focus on sustainable practices.


How can I become a member of the Coastal Zone Canada Association?

Membership in the Association is open to any individual who upholds the objectives of the Association:

To promote the appreciation, awareness and understanding of the uniqueness and value of coastal areas; and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information concerning the sustainable use and development of Canadian and international coastal areas through meetings, conferences, documentation and other means.

The Association’s membership fee is $20.00 for a two-year period paid as part of biennial CZC Conference registration, or $10 per year from date of receipt of application.

For more information, please see the membership guidelines.

For further information or to become a member, please contact:

CZCA Secretariat

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Dartmouth, NS

Tel: ; Fax: